04. Jed Horner

Invité : Jed Horner (PhD Public Health and Community Medecine) / Head of Government Relations & Advocacy, Stone & Chalk/AustCyber

Dans cette quatrième capsule Justice + IA, Jed Horner propose une réflexion sur les moyens d’amener les différents acteurs construire une IA reflétant des valeurs communes.

There’s been an unwillingness to really to step up and outline how soft law, in terms of the standards, the international standards that they helped create, can actually plug in. So I actually think they would do themselves a favor as responsible companies and civil society too, instead of trying to recreate the rules. We have those already, we have human rights laws, we have antidiscrimination laws, we have a whole range of laws that are hard laws that are binding in countries like Canada, Australia or New Zealand, in the US and elsewhere and I think we have the framework but what we haven’t quite mastered is the toolkit that we can leverage to actually meet those requirements.

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