Special Lectures 2019 : Innovation, Technology, and the Practice of Law

How AI and new technologies are changing the delivery of legal services? If you wish to develop your knowledge on this issue and others, join the special conferences held by Law Society of Ontario on November 21–22.

This event will be co-chaired by: Jill R. Presser, Carla Swansburg and Amy Salyzyn who’s also a researcher for ACT Project. It will bring together a panel of experts, professors and researchers to develop relevant reflections on the contribution of artificial intelligence in the legal domain and its limits. 

Also, Hannes Westermann and Jacquie Burkell who are currently working on the ACT project will be speaking at these conferences. Moreover, as part of this event, Michelle Mann, General Counsel in Department of Justice Canada and Patrick McEvenue, Strategic Policy and Planning Director for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will participate in a panel discussion on November 21, 2019 regarding “Accountability for Algorithmic Processing and Decision-Making in Immigration”.    Accompanying this presentation will be a paper providing a high-level overview of work being done towards the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to support decision-making, including a survey of key issues in administrative, human rights and privacy law relating to AI and describing CRIC’s response to challenging legal and policy questions. This paper has been co-written by CRIC’s Strategic Policy and Planning Branch’s digital policy team and Justice.   The next day, November 22, 2019, Gabriella Signorini, Senior Counsel in Treasury Board Secretariat‘s Legal Services Unit will participate in a panel regarding regulatory issues. Gabriella will explain why her client decided to issue the recent Directive on Automated Decision-Making, provide an overview of this policy instrument and discuss other ongoing work at TBS in the area of automated decision-making.   Click hereRecognized training for the mandatory continuing education of the Law Society of Ontario.

More information and registration here.

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